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Fujairah Oil Industry Zone (FOIZ) is entrusted to optimize the value of the Oil and Gas industry in Fujairah by developing and regulating all aspects of the hydrocarbon industry with absolute care to Health, Safety, Quality, and Environment to continue achieving safe superior growth. FOIZ was established under the "Law of the Establishment of Fujairah Oil Industry Zone" (No. 4 of 2011).

For investment opportunities and inquiries, please contact our business development team at FOIZ Potential Investors.

Reach FOIZ through email at info@foiz.gov.ae or by phone at +971 9 224 4000.

You may send an email requesting a meeting with us at info@foiz.gov.ae and your email will be forwarded to the concerned department.

FOIZ provide the oil operators in the zone with Industrial Emergency response services.

Infrastructure and Facilities: Provide essential infrastructure, buildings, and administrative services within the Zone.

Regulation of Transactions and Activities: Manage approvals, and licenses, and regulate transactions for companies, establishments, and authorities operating in the zone.

Real Estate Leasing: Leasing lands and real estate within the zone.

Conferences and Seminars: Organize events aligned with the zone's specialization.

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