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History of FOIZ

Fujairah Oil Industry Zone [ FOIZ ] sits at the heart of the new energy corridor that stretches from the East of the Suez Canal to Asia and has a vast array of capabilities, including deep-water port, state-of-the-art infrastructure and vast storage facilities.

Given that the location of Fujairah naturally dovetails with important oil routes of the world, including the state-of-the-art physical infrastructure that Fujairah Oil Industry Zone [FOIZ ] and the Port of Fujairah has to offer, Fujairah is a critical hub for oil trading and storage in the Middle East.

FOIZ flanks the Port of Fujairah on the north and west and currently occupies an area of about 10 square kilometers. FOIZ hosts the Middle East’s largest commercial storage capacity for refined oil products. The current storage capacity of all type of oil products is in the region of 10 million cubic meters.

The storage capacity of FOIZ continues to grow and given the foreseeable projects we are confident that FOIZ will be one of the largest commercial storage for hydrocarbons in the world. As of 2018, FOIZ hosts sixteen oil terminals including prestigious, national and international oil companies.

Fujairah Oil Industry Zone (FOIZ) is entrusted to optimize the value of the Oil & Gas industry in Fujairah by developing and regulating all aspects of the hydrocarbon industry with absolute care to Health, Safety, Quality, and Environment to continue achieving safe superior growth.

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Developing the petroleum strategy for investment in the region.

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Regulatory Authority

Regulating all aspects associated with the Oil and Gas industry.

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Administrative Services

Providing administrative services to stakeholders for smooth operation of the business.

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Infrastructure enablement & provisioning for companies investing in the region.


FOIZ is entrusted to optimise the value of the Oil & Gas industry in Fujairah by developing with absolute care to Health, Safety, Quality and Environment to continue strategy for investments within the Zone and regulating all aspects of the hydrocarbon industry achieving superior growth.


To be most innovative, principled and value driven Oil & Gas Zone in the region and to become fully integrated energy hub.

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Customer Driven

FOIZ is dedicated to a customer-driven approach, tailoring its services and solutions to meet the unique needs of clients in the oil and energy sector.

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FOIZ is committed to transparency, upholding open and honest communication in all our operations.

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FOIZ thrives on the synergy of teamwork, where collaboration and dedication fuel our shared success.

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Supporting Growth & Investments as per the Zone’s strategic master plan

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Social Responsibility

FOIZ is committed to enhancing the well-being of the local community through various social initiatives, reinforcing its dedication to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

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We achieve excellence through the systematic and disciplined management of our activities.

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Improve efficiency & services through latest technologies & strategic partnerships

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Ensuring compliance with world-class HSEQ standards for all activities

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