Abu Dhabi  – Jan 13-16,2020


Fujairah Oil Industry Zone (FOIZ) participated in the World Future Energy Summit as a part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week activities, which took place from January 13 to 16 2020, under the slogan “We are committed” as the World Future Energy Summit forms a global platform that brings together a group of senior officials and business leaders from various sectors, consolidating its position as the leading global event and market for energy, clean technologies and future sustainability.

FOIZ participation in the summit comes on the basis of its strategic vision that aimed at achieving sustainable development on the zone by creating investment opportunities for international companies and creating a promising market for the private sector as well national cadres; where increased storing, shipping and export operations will create work opportunities for national cadres, industry expansion and specialization, and to promote sustainable development in the region, FOIZ is generalizing on the  principle of “One Zone Safety Culture” on all the petroleum investments in the region through the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System where FOIZ  ensures that all the investments in the zone are in compliance with the international standards and best practices to achieve an integrated and sustainable petroleum area.