Fujairah , 15 Jan 2020


Fujairah Oil Industry Zone (FOIZ) has recently appointed Jaheziya to coordinate and provide professional fire and emergency response service in FOIZ area. They are equipped and specialized in fighting oil terminal fires in FOIZ area. FOIZ set a Drills schedule for all FOIZ terminals in a weekly basis as part of the emergency response service.

On 15th of January 2020 in collaboration with FOIZ and Jaheziya, VHFL organized an emergency exercise to enhance the preparedness, effectiveness, communication and relationship of all three parties. It was also training and retraining opportunity for VHFL’s and Jaheziya’s emergency response teams and crisis management teams.

The incident in the emergency exercise was a manifold fire, to which both VHFL and Jaheziya responded and cooperated well to mitigate and bring the incident under control within an hour. The fire exercise was observed, discussed and reviewed with feedback from participants and observers in the close-out meeting. The whole exercise ended on a positive note with commitment to a much improved coordination and cooperation among the involved parties to ensure the safety and efficiency of the Fujairah Oil Industry Zone.

About VHFL:

Vopak Horizon Fujairah Limited (VHFL) is the leading storage and handling service provider for petroleum products in Fujairah. It is committed and complied with the most stringent Safety, Health, Environment and Quality standards ensuring a safe and efficient terminal for its employees and other stakeholders. VHFL has been regularly conducting joint emergency exercises with the local authorities to enhance its preparedness in handing major incidents.